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August 29th, 2013

Matas’ Case. Group 2

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Question 1:

Current Situation:

Matas is the largest health and beauty retailer in Denmark. Matas A/S operates as a health and beauty retailer in Denmark. The company provides beauty, vitamins, minerals and supplements, household and personal care goods, and over-the-counter medicines, categorized on four product segments:

  • Beauty Shop: The Beauty Shop offers a broad selection of Mass Beauty and High-end Beauty products, such as cosmetics, fragrances, skincare and hair-care, covering every day and luxury beauty needs.
  • Vital Shop: The Vital Shop offers a broad range of vitamins, minerals and supplements.
  • Material Shop: The Material Shop offers a broad selection of household and personal care goods including household cleaning and maintenance, personal grooming, baby care and sports-related products.
  • Matas MediCare: Matas MediCare offers a broad range of products, including over-the-counter medicine and first aid products.

It operates a network of 293 stores. 260 stores are owned and operated by the company while the remaining Associated Stores are independently owned by those store owners who did not sell their stores in the 2007 Acquisition or thereafter and to whom they act as a wholesaler. For the financial year 2012/13, sales of the products from our Retail Stores represented 92.3% of our revenues and sales to the Associated Stores represented 7.7% of our revenues.

They sell products directly to end customers through the network of 260 Retail Store locations and, to a significantly lesser degree, through our Online Store.The company, formerly known as MHolding A/S, is based in Allerød, Denmark.

How did they get here?

The company was established in 1949 as an association of independently owned stores by three drugstore owners who realised joint purchasing could substantially improve terms from suppliers and raise their businesses’ profitability. From this beginning, other drugstore owners joined the association of independently owned stores, and, within a year of our founding, there were 60 different store owners and shareholders.

· 1956 The Matas network unified under the first Matas Logo

· 1957 Matas granted the right to distribute vitamins

· 1967 Stripes brand launched

· 1974 The Vital Shop created, encompassing vitamins (introduced in 1957) and dietary supplements

· 1980 Matas launched the now familiar blue/white shop profile and logo

· 1995 The first two of Matas’ own brand products received the Nordic Eco-label (Svanemęrket)

· 2001 Liberalisation of sale of over-the-counter medicine in Denmark

· 2005 The Matas MediCare Shop was created

In the three years following the 2007 Acquisition, our new owners and management oversaw a significant transformation of the business. Since the 2007 Acquisition, central headquarters functions were expanded to improve the Group and our retail network’s systems and controls. Purchasing was further centralised to increase purchasing power, allowing us to negotiate better terms with our suppliers. Store operations were improved by streamlining the product portfolio, optimising logistics and improving in-store operations. Key initiatives underpinning these changes included the automated warehouse management system and our recently upgraded information technology systems.

· 2010/11 Club Matas launched; Opening of flagship store in Copenhagen; Implementation of informatikon technology back office system in all Retail Stores; Sales excellence programme launched.

· 2011/12 Club Matas reached 1 million members; ClubM launched; New updated Online Store launched; Matas acquired one Associated Store; Initial 13 prescription medicine collection points opened.

· 2012/13 Additional 37 prescription medicine collection points opened in Retail Stores; Matas acquired two Associated Stores; Additional central warehouse became operational.

· 2013/14 Acquisition of Esthetique, Launch of StyleBox; Acquisition of one Associated Store; Entered into the Heads of Agreement with all owners of Associated Stores.

The vision of the company is to build upon their own brand and unique, leading position in the Danish health and beauty retail landscape to further grow improve their current situation and to expand selectively into complementary areas. In furtherance of this vision, they have identified the following strategic objectives for the medium term.

Strategy milestones for 2013/2014:

· Enhancing and increasing the value of Club M Loyalty Programme.

· Expanding and consolidating retail network and refining platform for operational excellence.

· Growing and developing online store

· Introducing and expanding StyleBox - New Retail Concept

Quick Look to the Value Chain:

Pros and Cons regarding partnership with Parken:


Question 2:

Parken Sports & Entertainment is known to everybody. Families are enjoying entertainment that is provided and professional athletes use the sport related services. It would be inadequate to try and categorize Parken’s consumers in one huge group, therefore the buying behaviour analyses is recommended to be done with more focus on different sections.

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